GoPublic.AI Acquisition Corp.

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GoPublic.AI Acquisition Corp. (“GoPublic.AI” or the “Company”), has entered into a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) dated June 15, 2021, with Forrest Innovations Ltd. (“Forrest”), a private company incorporated under the Israeli Companies Ordinance (ICO),  to acquire 100% of the issued and outstanding shares of Forrest (the “Transaction”) pursuant to a share exchange agreement (the “SEA”) described as a reverse takeover of GoPublic.AI by Forrest (each a “Party” and collectively the “Parties”). The precise terms of the Transaction, including the structure of the Transaction, will be incorporated into the SEA to be negotiated between the Company and Forrest. 

Crowdfunded Activities

Here's how GoPublic.AI Acquisition Corp. is planning on using the funds raised from this crowdfunding:

  Minimum Raise Maximum Raise
General Working Capital $4,600 $73,600
Portal Fees $400 $6,400
TOTAL $5,000 $80,000
$77,250 raised

1545% of Goal

Offering up to 800,000 Special Warrants at $ 0.10

Minimum Investment: $100

Funding Closed

155 Investors

This project will only be financed if at least $5,000 is raised by Jul 28, 2021

Note: All funds are expressed in Canadian dollars.