Silver Eagle Mines Inc.

British Columbia /


SEM is developing a raw rock phosphate deposit, just NE of Elko NV.  Expect bulk sampling in size Q2 2023.  Est. 8-18 mil tons 15% P205 (non-43-101 compliant). 8 km bed at surface, 10m wide by 10 m deep. Looks to run NE obliquely under the covering sedimentary rock for a great distance.  Current programme of Environmental review underway.  $100k RC drilling programme planned for Q4 2022-Q1 2023.  Simple, cheap mining: drill it up, blow it up, dig it  up, grind it up and bag it up ship it out on the rail line next door.

Crowdfunded Activities

Here's how Silver Eagle Mines Inc. is planning on using the funds raised from this crowdfunding:

  Minimum Raise Maximum Raise
General Working Capital $4,600 $1,380,000
Portal Fees $400 $120,000
TOTAL $5,000 $1,500,000
$46,550 raised

931% of Goal

Offering up to 30,000,000 Special Warrants at $ 0.05

Minimum Investment: $100

Funding Closed

56 Investors

This project will only be financed if at least $5,000 is raised by May 18, 2022

Note: All funds are expressed in Canadian dollars.