Starlo Ventures Ltd.



The Issuer is engaged in the business of mineral exploration with a focus on precious  

metals. The Issuer’s current objective is to explore and, if warranted, develop its Mount Richards Property, an exploration stage gold and silver property located 7.5km north of the town of Duncan, on the southern part of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The Mount Richards Property consists of 19 contiguous registered mineral tenures...

Crowdfunded Activities

Here's how Starlo Ventures Ltd. is planning on using the funds raised from this crowdfunding:

  Minimum Raise Maximum Raise
General Working Capital $4,400 $54,970
Portal Fees $600 $5,030
Total $5,000 $60,000
$30,600 raised

0 Investors Needed


Offering up to 1,200,000 Special Warrants at $ 0.05

Minimum Investment: $100

Funding Closed

162 Investors (Seeking 150)

This project will only be financed if at least $5,000 is raised by Oct 28, 2022

Note: All funds are expressed in Canadian dollars.