Aeonian Resources Ltd.

British Columbia /


The issuer is an aspirational exploration company whose goal is to make discoveries while leading through change. The issuer aims to create viable exploration opportunities and challenge the “status quo” through means that promote stewardship on the land, contribute towards a stable climate, integrate indigenous ideals whilst moving towards the decolonization of mineral development and building equitable relationships with stakeholders. The issuer’s current focus is the Koocanusa property located near Cranbrook, BC, an early stage copper and silver exploration project. The issuer is driven to find the balance between conservation, development, economic opportunity, and demand. It aims to inspire other businesses to make the same shift. Further, the issuer seeks to acquire additional property interests and assess their potential through exploration. 

Crowdfunded Activities

Here's how Aeonian Resources Ltd. is planning on using the funds raised from this crowdfunding:

  Minimum Raise Maximum Raise
General Working Capital $4,750 $1,425,000
Portal Fees $250 $75,000
TOTAL $5,000 $1,500,000
$24,900 raised

0 Investors Needed


Offering up to 30,000,000 Special Warrants at $ 0.05

Minimum Investment: $100

Funding Closed

129 Investors (Seeking 120)

This project will only be financed if at least $5,000 is raised by Jan 27, 2023

Note: All funds are expressed in Canadian dollars.