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Vancouver BC Realty.Com Ltd. (VBCR), dba Realty Mega Data (RMD), is a privately owned Information Technology firm in Vancouver that has developed an innovative lead generation platform to provide viable and timely real estate leads to realtors. The firm specializes in collecting, digitizing, distributing and monetizing vital data for the real estate industry that is readily available from a single online platform—a one-stop shop for up-to-date real estate data.

RMD is born on a 10-year foundation of great success and revenues averaging $750,000 to $1,000,000 per year in gross revenues in the last 5 years.

RMD is now expanding and increasing the lead generating services by adding detached houses into the mix. Once fully launched, the new website will be called “” (expected launch date will be sometime in the first quarter 2020).

RMD aggregates Real Estate Data from over 15 data sources and then formats it for easy access and use by the end user.

RMD has data [PIDs] for over 1.5 million properties in BC. This is broken down to approximately 900,000 houses (parcel data) and 600,000 individual condo strata units.

RMD Lead Generation System [Online Platform] is doing great at the moment by getting 7,000 – 10,000 unique visitors per day and 200-300 internet sign-ups per day with verified names, addresses and phone numbers. The conversion rate averages around 5 to 10%, which is triple compared to other platforms.

RMD plan is to grow the Lead Generation System 10 times larger then it currently is through a strategic development and proprietary marketing plan.

RMD and BC Condos Marketing Inc. sales department is taking advantage of the Surplus Leads that have been generated (10,000+ since the November 2019 launch). RMD will have an on-going hiring campaign to hire realtors to address of these surplus leads as need be.

As RMD grows, the company will constantly continue to develop other Online Platforms and buy out or merge with other like minded companies in order to stay ahead of the competition.

RMD Plans to add five more Revenue Streams in 2020.

RMD intends to grow across Canada in 2021 and 2022 starting with Alberta and then to the Greater Toronto Area [GTA].

Crowdfunded Activities

Here's how VANCOUVER BC REALTY.COM LTD. (VBCR) is planning on using the funds raised from this crowdfunding:

  Minimum Raise Maximum Raise
General Working Capital $4,600 $230,250
Fees (see section 9.1) $400 $19,750
TOTAL $5,000 $250,000
$11,500 raised

140 Investors Needed

Offering up to 1,000,000 Special Warrants (the “Special Warrants”) at $ 0.25

Minimum Investment: $1,000

Funding Closed

10 Investors (Seeking 150)

This project will only be financed if at least $5,000 is raised by Apr 27, 2020

Note: All funds are expressed in Canadian dollars.